As an art lover, I always try to bring beauty to everyone. I always try and strive to learn and train incessantly.

I have been attending Huy Pham’s teacher since 2015 at Tatto Hai Phong, the largest tattoo shop in Hai Phong so far. Mr. Huy is a teacher whom I respect because I eat and drink at home all the time. The way of the teacher is very simple, but at work, he is very devoted to living as an exemplary model for me to follow.

Because I wanted to go there, I wanted to learn more, so I chose Hanoi and studied at Mr. Quang Tim, also a very famous big tattoo shop in Hanoi, about the style of phoenix phoenix tattoo. It also left me a lot of valuable lessons about how to live and work environment.

After that, because of my passion for realistic style, I continued to study more about the god tattoo program at Tats Studio today, Another tattoo 1 of the most famous tattoo parlors in Hanoi about the god style. This place is truly the cradle of the most artistic and working style in Vietnam.

My luck is always following and following in the footsteps of my elder brother, giving me advice and help!

The more unlimited art is learned, the more it will not be enough, every teacher or every brother or friend will give us really valuable lessons and I always feel grateful and cherished a lot. until I went out to make a business.

After years of studying and practicing, I chose Taiwan as a place to set up and build the Owl Ink Studio brand, always trying my best to get top quality products to build customers’ trust, after many years of building Owl Ink Studio is now the most famous brand in Taiwan, always being the leading brand in terms of both facilities and product quality!

It is really lucky to be supported by customers and always behind us all the time and are looking forward to receiving more support from everyone in the future!

Thanks everyone
Hai Anh Tattoo